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A Patient's Guide to Heartburn

Last updated 4 years ago

Some people might dismiss heartburn as a minor health concern, but without proper treatment, this uncomfortable condition may lead to ulcers and even cancer along the digestive track. The Heart Burn & Swallowing Disorder Center at Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point can help Hudson area residents manage their heartburn and avoid more serious complications. By understanding the nature of heartburn and ways it presents, you can start implementing lifestyle changes to alleviate its symptoms and side effects.

Warning Signs

Heartburn often develops in response to particular eating habits. These eating behaviors can cause the tissue that normally seals the stomach shut to allow acidic fluids back into the esophagus. When these fluids make contact with the interior lining of the esophagus, it can produce discomfort in the chest area that many people refer to as a burning sensation. In some cases, this unpleasant feeling can extend all the way into the throat region.


Some individuals may be more prone to heartburn than others. Because they might have more pressure on their stomachs, pregnant women can be highly susceptible to heartburn. Individuals who suffer from weight issues might also experience excessive pressure on the stomach that forces acidic fluids to reenter the esophagus. However, no matter a person’s weight or existing health conditions, heartburn can occur from eating particular foods. The caffeine found in both coffee and chocolate can increase the likelihood of this condition. Alcoholic beverages can contribute to it as well. Many vegetables, fruits, and herbs, including onions, tomatoes, and garlic, can bring on heartburn, too.

Management Options

Mild cases of heartburn may require only diet changes to diminish the occurrences of it. If this condition does not alleviate after food modifications are made, or if it has already caused esophageal damage, medication may be necessary to address heartburn. Surgery may also be used to remedy extreme cases of heartburn that fail to respond to more conservative treatment measures.

Don’t let heartburn diminish your quality of life. Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point offers personalized heartburn treatment that caters to your symptoms and needs. To find out if your chest discomfort might indicate the presence of heartburn, call us at (888) 741-5119 to discuss your concerns with a Consult-A-Nurse expert. 


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