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Spotlight on Prostate Cancer

Last updated 3 years ago

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers among men, which highlights the importance of prevention and early detection. Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point offers comprehensive cancer care services for Hudson residents; however, we urge all eligible men to take advantage of available prostate cancer screening services to prevent advanced disease that can sometimes result in more aggressive treatment measures.

Risk Factors

No one risk factor can definitely determine whether a man might get prostate cancer, but by knowing about these risk factors, men can decide whether they need to get screenings earlier than the average recommended age of 50. For instance, men who have a brother, father, or son with prostate cancer may be at a higher risk for this disease. Even in the absence of a family history, some men might still have a genetic tendency for prostate cancer. Men should also note that as they age, their likelihood of getting prostate cancer can increase.


Cancer care experts stress the importance of prostate cancer screenings because this condition often develops without any evident symptoms. Only once the disease has grown beyond the prostate may it produce warning signs of its presence. Men who experience elimination difficulties may want to discuss their concerns with a physician, as this condition can be a sign of prostate cancer. Lower body discomfort and weakness may also warrant the need for a medical examination.

Treatment Services

When found in its earliest stages, prostate cancer can often be addressed with less invasive and more effective treatment options. If the cancer is contained to the prostate, a physician may recommend observation or surgery depending on the growth rate of the disease. More advanced cases of prostate cancer may demand surgery along with chemotherapy or radiation. All men diagnosed with prostate should discuss their available treatment options with their cancer care team.

Are you due for your prostate cancer screening? Then call Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point at (888) 741-5119 to learn more about how this common preventive cancer procedure works. You can also go to our website for information on the extensive array of services that our exceptional cancer care department provides for Hudson residents and their loved ones.



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