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Tips for Living Well With Type 1 Diabetes

Last updated 4 years ago

One of the pancreas’s primary functions is to produce insulin that keeps blood glucose levels stable. When the pancreas can no longer provide this function, it can result in type 1 diabetes. Yet even if you have this condition, you can enjoy a healthy future when you take the necessary measures to control your blood glucose levels. For more information on proper type 1 diabetes management, contact Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point.  

Manage Your Diet

Blood glucose levels depend directly on the food you eat. After each meal and snack, the body converts digested food into blood glucose, which provides energy to the cells of the body. Some foods may take a considerable period of time to process, making it easier for the body to keep stable the amount of blood glucose in the bloodstream. However, other foods can lead to rapid blood glucose spikes that may prove dangerous if precautions are not taken to lower them. By establishing nutritious eating patterns, you can largely avoid blood glucose fluctuations that may harm your health.

Keep Physically Active

A consistent exercise routine is imperative if you have type 1 diabetes. Physical activity can deter the many complications that this condition can otherwise produce. For instance, exercise can help to manage your blood glucose levels. Because the body uses blood glucose for energy, when you work out, you can prevent your blood glucose from becoming excessively high.

Maintain Your Insulin Usage

Even with excellent lifestyle habits, you must still adhere to a regular insulin management schedule. Because your pancreas can no longer produce the insulin you need to properly digest and use the food you eat, you must supply your body with it. Your physician can help you determine the amount and frequency of your insulin injections so that you can prevent extreme blood glucose imbalances. Getting regular health checkups can also alert your doctor to any emerging diabetes complications that he can address before they evolve into more advanced problems.

Have you been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes? If you have questions about your condition, Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point in Hudson can help. For more information on proper type 1 diabetes nutrition and physical fitness, call (888) 741-5119 to speak with a Consult-A-Nurse representative.


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