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What Are the Different Types of Bone Fractures?

Last updated 4 years ago

Bone fractures are a common reason why people seek emergency care. Though the skeletal system is strong and flexible, trauma from a fall or blow can cause one or more bones to break. However, x-ray imaging can quickly alert orthopedic doctors to the nature of a break so that they can determine the best course of action, which often entails a cast to render the affected bone immobile until it heals. Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point offers orthopedic services for breaks of all severities for our Hudson area patients.

Comminuted Break

A comminuted break can be a serious condition, as it occurs when a bone splinters into multiple fragments. Should this happen, it is essential that all pieces of the bone are brought into proper alignment so that they can fuse together correctly. Any number of circumstances might lead to a comminuted break. For instance, a serious car accident can lead to comminuted breaks of the arms or legs. Osteoporosis, which weakens the bone, might also contribute to comminuted breaks suffered during slip and fall accidents.

Open Break

A open break, so named because the bone penetrates the skin, can also produce serious complications. When bone breaches the skin, it provides the opportunity for bacteria to invade the wound and cause an infection. To reach the skin, the bone may also lacerate nerves or muscle tissue. Depending on the size of the fracture, blood loss might also be a concern. Immediate emergency care to address these many components is crucial to avoid irrevocable or long-term complications.

Stable Break

Though a major medical event that requires professional orthopedic attention, a stable break typically necessitates fewer extensive treatment services than a comminuted or open break. When a break such as this occurs, the bone fractures into two pieces that stay in close proximity to each other. Their positions are often well aligned as well, making it easier for an orthopedic physician to address the break. The recovery process for a stable break may also entail a shorter period of time.

Let Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point be your medical resource for all of your healthcare needs. Our emergency care department offers around-the-clock assistance for individuals who experience painful and potentially disabling breaks. Call our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral system today at (888) 741-5119 to learn more about our services.


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