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Examining Common Sleep Disorders

Last updated 4 years ago

Many people understand the wellness benefits of a wholesome diet and regular exercise, but fewer may recognize the vital role that healthy sleeping habits play as well. Sleep is a key component of wellbeing, so when a sleep disorder develops, it can quickly deteriorate both physical and mental health. The Sleep Lab at Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point can help Hudson area residents overcome their sleep disorders and enjoy the restorative slumber they deserve.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition that prevents the consistent inhalation of oxygen into the lungs. Air breathed in through the nose and mouth normally passes through the throat’s airway into the lungs. Sleep apnea happens when excessive amounts of tissue in the airway block the flow of air. This occurrence causes the body to wake up so that the respiratory system can work properly once again. This response can repeat many times throughout the night, making it difficult for sleep apnea sufferers to get the rest they need.


One of the more familiar sleep disorders is insomnia, which often presents as the inability to fall asleep at night. This condition affects millions of people, as it may develop from a wide variety of causes. Some people experience insomnia because of an existing medical problem. Others suffer from it as the side effect of chronic stress. In some cases, insomnia may lead to problems staying asleep at night rather than trying to fall asleep.

Restless Legs Syndrome

Restless legs syndrome can also prevent sufferers from being able to sleep at night. This sleep disorder develops when individuals experience uncomfortable leg sensations that keep them alert and sometimes in discomfort as they attempt to fall asleep. This condition also prompts sufferers to move their legs to alleviate the pain they feel. As with sleep apnea and insomnia, restless legs syndrome can contribute to physical and mental health issues if sufferers cannot get enough sleep on a regular basis.

Are you suffering from any of the aforementioned sleep disorders? Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point can help. To learn more about our Sleep Lab, call us today at (888) 741-5119.



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