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Cardiac Procedures and Surgeries

Last updated 3 years ago

If you’re suffering from heart disease, there are several different cardiac procedures that your doctor may recommend to alleviate your symptoms and prevent complications. The right procedures for you depend on many factors, including which part of your heart is damaged and what symptoms you’re experiencing. Here is a look at what to expect from some common cardiac procedures.


Angioplasty is a procedure performed to clear blockages in coronary arteries. During the procedure, a deflated balloon is inserted into the artery via a small tube. Once in the area of the blockage, the balloon is inflated to open up the blocked area and increase blood flow. In many cases, a stent is placed at the same time to further widen the artery. The procedure is relatively quick, and only an overnight hospital stay is generally required.

Bypass Surgery

Bypass surgery, which is sometimes referred to as coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) or open-heart surgery, creates new avenues for blood to flow to the heart in response to an artery blockage. The surgery is performed by grafting veins or arteries from other parts of the body onto the area around the blockage so that blood is rerouted and its flow is restored. Multiple grafts may be performed during a single procedure. After the surgery, patients may stay in the hospital for several days.

Radiofrequency Ablation

Also known as catheter ablation, radiofrequency ablation is performed to correct a heart arrhythmia. During the procedure, an electrode-tipped catheter is inserted into a vein and guided to the heart using X-ray imaging. Once the catheter reaches the portion of the heart where the arrhythmia is taking place, the electrode transmits a painless radiofrequency. As a result, a small amount of heart cells are destroyed, which may normalize the heartbeat.

The Heart Institute at Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point offers nationally acclaimed cardiac care for patients with a range of heart conditions. If you’re concerned about your heart health or want to know more about our services, please call (888) 741-5119.


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